New album planned

The Winklepickers plan on recording a new album for release in spring 2011. After having set the reference in Luxembourg R&B with 12 R&B Knockouts, the sequel is set out to be yet more energetic and powerful. It will show the state of affairs in 2011, without compromise. Aside the force, rigueur and precision, the Winklepickers are well known for they might have a surprise in store for you. Preparations are under way and in March 2011  the Winklepickers will definitively check in to the studio. Stay tuned.

Arm your vuvuzelas: The Winklepickers play 5 shows in July!

The Winklepickers have scheduled 5 concerts in July. Get your calendar ready and check the schedule!

Upcoming Shows:

  • July 10th, 2010: Liefrange
  • July 16th, 2010: Abbaye Neumünster – “Blues after Work”
  • July 17th, 2010: Blues’n Jazz Rallye
  • July 24th, 2010: Mais Labyrinth Lampech
  • July 30th, 2010: Insenborn (Ënsber) Seebühne

July 30th : The Winklepickers @ Insenborn (Ënsber) Seebühne

More Pictures from the Ancien Cinema

We have just added more pictures from our last gig at the Ancien Cinema, thank you, Jengel!

The Winklepickers thank everybody for their support last Friday at the Ancien Cinéma

The sun had been shining all day. A good sign! At 6 PM we arrive at location and start to get our stuff ready. At 9:17 PM Paul blows the three distinctive notes with which we start every concert out of his Hiwatt: Roxette! And we are rolling!

Vianden, Ancien Cinema 23.04.2010 - Claude Sibenaler

Vianden, Ancien Cinema 23.04.2010 - Claude Sibenaler

The crowd is on our side and for almost 3 hours we rock the old cinema. We agree with each other and the crowd agrees with us, and this is what it sounds like: with the precision of a Swiss army knife and a lot of heart and soul we deliver the set. You can see on stage and before the stage that we are having fun. At midnight we say farewell with “Boom boom, out go the lights” and the “Wolly Bully”, content and satisfied.

A big thanks to Mac for the beautiful location and the hearty welcome. Thank you Ralph and Arsène of The Convertibles for helping with the sound and thank you Sibi for the fantastic photos. Thanks to everybody for the warm support which carried us.

See you on December 10th at the Ancien Cinéma in Vianden!

- Roland Meyer

Vianden, Ancien Cinema 23.04.2010 - Claude Sibenaler

Vianden, Ancien Cinema 23.04.2010 - Claude Sibenaler

Tonight only: The Winklepickers @ Ancien Cinéma Vianden

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Today's featured Winklepicker: Roland Meyer

Born in 1963, started to play the guitar at the age of 13.


Highliner (1st schoolband)

Driving Force

The secret life of Raufaser

Pause (Wife & Kids & House & …)

2nd Breath:

Out of Tune

Five Pack

Then he got the blues:

The Winklepickers (since 2001)


Keep it simple: Fender & Marshall

Joke of the day: St. Peter

St. Peter was checking ID’s at the pearly gates. He asks the first man,

“What did  you do on Earth?” The man replied, “I was a doctor.”
St. Peter says, “OK, go right through those two shiny gates to your left.

“Next person! What did you do on Earth?” , “I was a school teacher.”
“OK, ..through those two gates and to the left.

“Next! ..And what did you do on Earth?” . “Oh, I was a musician.”
“All right, go around to the back door, up the freight elevator, through the kitchen … and…”

New Press Pictures Available

We updated the press page with new pictures. Thank you, Claude Sibenaler!

Today's featured Winklepicker: Paul Neuen

Born November 1963, since early days fascinated by the drums, the cool moves from the drummer, the sound, the shiny chrome and the ingenious mechanics (hi-hat pedal!) …

Wanted to start playing drums at the age of 9, but got forced to play bugle/fluegelhorn, … just because there was no need for a drummer in that music school at that time …

  • What instrument would you like to play?
  • Drums Sir!
  • Sorry boy, momentary no need for a drummer in the Marching Band, you’ll play the bugle …
  • ahem … terrific … !

Played bugle for several years in a Marching Band and Big Band but rapidly switched to the drums!


Red Rose (1st school band & 1st concert on rockstage 1981)

Just Married (Luxemburg winner 1987 for “Printemps de Bourges” contest)

Robert Stephen Band

Stoker (1st time playing with Winklepickers singer Roger)

Bernie Z (Bernie Zeches, Thierry Kinsch, Sergio Soares)

Blue Swallow (Lyne Kuffer, Petra Lisa Bernard, Jos Seil, Dan Cremmer, Thierry Kinsch)

and since 1991 mainly Nazz Nazz (Thierry Van Werveke, Dan Kries, Fern Clees, Rico Winandy, Ander Thilges, Claude Kiefer, Dan Wagner, Claude Gorjanc) momentary not playing anymore, singer died in January 2009

Winklepickers since 2009


The late 60’s early 70’s beginning of Rockmusic :

Beatles (White album), Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Doors, Who, Rory Gallagher, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple

The 70’s Fusion/Rockjazz “phase”

Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Return to Forever, Al di Meola, Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, John Mc Laughlin, Passport , …

All time favorites :

AC/DC, Clash, Deep Purple, Motörhead, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughn,Stevie Wonder, Van Halen, ZZ Top

Equipment :

Kits: Ludwig, Yamaha, DW

Snares: Ludwig! (Supraphonic LM 411 6.5×14”, Bronze LB550 5×14”) sound as delicate as Vivaldi or as strong as a Mack truck

Heads: Toms Evans G2, Snare Remo Ambassador, Bass Remo Powerstroke

Cymbals: Zildjian, Istanbul, Meinl Byzanz

Hardware: DW pedals, Pearl-Yamaha-mix stands