Impressions from the Release Party of "Haddocks and french Kisses"

The Winklepickers want to thank the many many people that came to their release parties both last Friday at the Sang a Klang and last Saturday at the Ancien Cinéma in Vianden.
We had a good time, thank you all!

Here are a few impressions by Claude Sibi Sibenaler:

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The Winklepickers release "Haddocks and French Kisses"

Good news: the Winklepickers will release their new CD “Haddocks and French Kisses” in February. There will be two release parties: one on February 10th at the Sang a Klang in Clausen in collaboration with the Blues Club Luxembourg and the second one on February 11th at the “Ancien Cinéma” in Vianden. We are currently [...]

New Video of the first recording session

First Recording Session

The Winklepickers just completed the first recording session for their new album. After two days of sweat, laughs and Rock ‘n’ Roll the tape is stopped with more than an hour of that sweet Rhythm & Blues.

The head of the public relations department Claude “Sibi” Sibenaler has some first shots:

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New album planned

The Winklepickers plan on recording a new album for release in spring 2011. After having set the reference in Luxembourg R&B with 12 R&B Knockouts, the sequel is set out to be yet more energetic and powerful. It will show the state of affairs in 2011, without compromise. Aside the force, rigueur and precision, the [...]